Bob Levy was born in 1939 and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He attended Cornell University and the University of California at Berkeley, ending with a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering.  He began his professional career with Exxon in New Jersey and had a long career in the petroleum industry.  He married Candace Wolfe in 1970, and they had two children, Brian and Jessica. Bob retired in 2004 and became involved with Air Alliance Houston, a non-profit organization advocating for cleaner air in the Houston region.  He also began studying the teachings of Carl Jung and participates regularly at the Jung Center of Houston.  Additionally, in retirement Bob studied photography and began projects with the homeless, with active senior citizens and with people supplying local foods around Houston.  He lives in Houston with Candace where he enjoys staying fit, sailing, traveling, reading and taking photos.


Photography Résumé

I want to express my deep appreciation for the guidance and support of my instructor and mentor, Peter Brown, as well as my colleagues in Peter’s Advanced Photography Workshop at the Rice Glasscock School.



  • Photography Courses at Rice School of Continuing Studies - 2006-19

                   - Creating Superior Images with your Digital Camera and Photoshop – Charles Wiese

                   - Advanced Photography Workshop with Peter Brown (numerous times)

                   - Advanced Photography Workshop with Don Eddy

  • Photography Course at Leisure Learning Unlimited with Ben DeSoto - 2009
  • Course on "Contemplative Photography" at the Jung Center Houston with Tracy Xavia Karner - 2010
  • Photography Workshops - 2006-09

                      - Natural Light Portraiture with Delise Ward

                      - Shore Birds with Lazlo Perlaky

                      - Photoshop Seminars by NAPP (three times)


  • Teas Nursery Photo Contest – 2007 (Honorable Mention)
  • Texas Photographic Society Online Portfolio Competition Winner - Emerging Artist for Sept. 2010​
  • My Table Magazine and Houston Center for Photography competition titled: "Feast Your Eyes: Food Photography From Across Texas" - March 2016 - 2 images selected


  • “Who Are The Homeless?” – Portraits of homeless people taken at “The Beacon” center in Houston, TX
  • “Staying Engaged – Portraits of Active Senior Citizens” – Portraits and stories of a diverse group of seniors in Houston, TX
  • “Houston's Local Food People” – Portraits at farmer’s markets, farms, kitchens and restaurants in Houston


  • Photo illustrations of an artist’s creative process – The Mankind Project - Houston Newsletter – 2007
  • Photo illustrating an article, “Destination America” in E – The Environmental Magazine, May/June 2008, Vol. XIX, Number 3, pg 33
  • Book:  “Who Are The Homeless?”  Photographs by Bob Levy, Vignettes by Gretchen Heyer, 80 pages, September 2008 – self-published with Blurb (Blurb Staff Pick)    (
  • Book: “Staying Engaged – Portraits of Active Senior Citizens” Photographs and text by Bob Levy, 62 pages, November 2012 – self-published with Blurb (
  • Cover photos (3) on "Opening Doors", Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, published by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), June 2010 (
  • Photos illustrating 3 articles in "Edible Houston", July/August 2015, Issue 2, pages 19, 20, 24, 45 (one article)
  • Photos illustrating article on Chef Monica Pope in "Edible Houston", Sep/Oct 2015, Issue 3, pages 36,37
  • Photos illustrating article on The Farm Stand At Petrol Station in "Edible Houston", Nov/Dec 2015, Issue 4, pages 10,11
  • Photo illustrating article on Local Growers Harvest, Promote Sustainability in "Edible Houston", Jan/Feb 2016, Issue 5, page 40
  • Photos illustrating article on Farming In The Fifth Ward, page 20, and Local Farmers And Food And Me: A Love Story, (print version only) page 13, in "Edible Houston", Nov/Dec 2016, Issue 10
  • Photos illustrating article on Have Your Cake And Eat It, page 13, in "Edible Houston", Spring 2017, Issue 12
  • Photos illustrating article on Stepping Up To The Plate, page 22,  and Grown From A Peach Orchard, (print version only) page 46, in "Edible Houston", Winter 17/18 (Nov. 2017), Issue 15
  • Photos illustrating article on Let’s Waste Not, So We Want Not, page 21, in "Edible Houston", Winter 2018, Issue 20
  • Photos illustrating article on The Cost of a Green Lawn, page 30, in "Edible Houston", Spring 2019, Issue 22
  • Article about Bob Levy in the November, 2015 issue of "Connections" magazine (a local publication in West University Place, TX)


  •  Houston Center for Photography
  •  Texas Photographic Society


  • The Jung Center (Houston) – Student and Member Exhibition, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 
  • Houston Center for Photography Juried Membership Exhibition, Aug. 2008
  • The Women's Institute, Houston - Photos of Hurricane Ike, May - Sept. 2009
  • City of Houston Office Lobby at 611 Walker, April - August 2009 - Solo exhibit "Who Are The Homeless?"
  • Hungry’s Gallery – Houston, Oct. - Nov. 2009 - Solo exhibit "I Wish I Could Fly
  • Christ Church Cathedral – Houston, Jan. - Feb. 2010 - Solo exhibit "Who Are The Homeless?"
  • St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Houston, March - April 2010 - Solo exhibit "Who Are The Homeless?"
  • Unitarian Universalist Church - Spokane, WA, May 2010 - Solo exhibit "Who Are The Homeless?"
  • City Hall - Houston, June 2010 - Solo exhibit "Who Are The Homeless?"
  • Houston Downtown Visitors Center, City Hall, June-Sept.2010 - Jung Center Exhibit - Photo of Japanese Garden
  • Bohemeo's Coffee Shop - Houston, March 2012 - 14 images
  • Christ Church Cathedral – Houston, Feb. 2014 – Solo exhibit “Staying Engaged – Portraits of Active Senior Citizens”
  • Palmer Episcopal Church - Houston, Oct. 2015 - 3 images as part of a group exhibit titled "Abundance"
  • Canopy Restaurant (a FotoFest 2016 Participating Space) - Houston, March-April 2016 - Solo exhibit "Houston's Local Food People"
  • MKT Bar - Houston, May 27-July 9 2016 - 2 images as part of a group exhibit titled "Feast Your Eyes: Food Photography From Across Texas"
  • Rice University, Glasscock School of Continuing Education, Peter Brown Gallery - 2017 (1 image), 2019 (1 image)
  • Permanent exhibit installed June 2016 at the clinic of Healthcare for the Homeless, Houston, 1934 Caroline St., Houston. Includes 11 homeless portraits, 1 large mosaic and 2 other prints.
  • Permanent exhibit installed July 2018 at the lobby of The Institute for Spirituality and Health, 8100 Greenbriar #300, Houston, TX 77054. Includes 6 portraits from the “Staying Engaged” series with accompanying personal stories.